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Smart Student to Smart Leader

posted Jun 9, 2012, 9:47 PM by ABDUL SALEEM saleem

It's every parent's dream to see their kids scaling great heights in life. However, is this dream really fulfilled when their kids become doctors, engineers or any other professionals? We, at LEAD, don't think so. In this society dominated by expatriates who work like machines to make both ends meet, parents hardly find time to be with their kids or interact with them, although their life time is spent to give a better life to their kids. What an irony!

We strongly believe securing a good job or settling in a good profession alone should not be the end all of life for the future generations. What these kids also need is constant interactions with our society, grandparents and parents which impart good moral values, motivation, vision to them. Unfortunately, that's exactly what we are lacking in this fast-paced world. Hence, in a bid to uphold the above mentioned values and convey its significance to today's kids who are going to the future pillars of this world, Leadership Exploration and Development decided to create a platform for students, where they will get excellent guidance from an experienced person who has the capability to teach them the values which will help them in the long run. Students will be able to imbibe an in-depth knowledge about our society and its fundamentals and they will also get to interact with other students, thereby expanding the canvas of their mind.

Here's the opportunity for students to know themselves, recognize their inner strength, develop their talents which will eventually pave the way for them to be smart leaders.

If your children are studying in grade 8th to grade 11th, kindly enroll for their better tomorrow. LEAD is conducting a personality development and

life management seminar on June 15th and 16th @ India club. Entry is limited to 80 students. Note: A Few days are left for registration. Registration Fee is 100 aed per head (Inclusive of Food and refreshments for two days)

For registration call 050 3730933 or 0556710043