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Kerala doctor in rare surgical feat

posted Feb 15, 2013, 10:39 PM by ABDUL SALEEM saleem
Arenowned heart surgeon from the south Indian state of Kerala has successfully performed a unique procedure to surgically remove two blocked coronary stents, followed by a bypass operation.

This is the first of its kind operation reported in India. Consultant cardiac surgeon Dr Moosa Kunhi said it was a rare feat as it was the first time such a surgical removal of coronary stent from the heart along with a bypass operation without the use of a Heart-Lung Machine and based on the Beating-Heart Surgey technique.

Surgical removal of blocked stents is considered a dangerous and complicated procedure. Dr Kunhi explained that this problem occurs when several stents are placed in a single artery of the heart.

Syed Mohammed, 60, from Thrissur district suffered a heart attack three months ago and underwent a procedure to place three stents in one coronary artery of his heart at that time. On the recurrence of chest pain even after the procedure, the patient consulted Dr Kunhi, who concluded that two stents were blocked and an emergency surgical removal of the stents, followed by a bypass operation, is the only hope for the patient to survive. There was no space to do a regular bypass operation in the same artery.

Dr Kunhi explained that metallic stents usually pierce the wall of the coronary arteries and adjacent heart muscles, thus making the surgical removal a dangerously complicated procedure. He said placing several stents in one coronary artery can sometimes lead to dangerous and life threatening situations.

The surgeon said a survey known as Ascert Study conducted in the US and published in 2012 has concluded that for multiple blocks in coronary arties of the heart, a by pass operation is the choice of treatment which would give longer life to patients than those undergo angioplasty and stenting. More than 188,000 patients from 600 heart centres in America were included in the largest ever study in medical history, Dr Kunhi added.

He said his patient was discharged in a healthy condition after two weeks. Dr Kunhi was assisted during the six-hour operation at Lakeshore Hospital, Kochi, by Dr Nebu, Dr Sandya, Dr Naufal and others.