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Islamic Academic Conference 2012

posted Jan 12, 2012, 1:24 AM by ABDUL SALEEM saleem
The Kerala Chapter of the Student Islamic Organization of India is organizing the first International Islamic Academic conference On Islamic Epistemology, Fiqh and Usoolul Fiqh and Islamic Political thought. The conference will be held on the Campus of Al Jamia Al Islamia, Santhapuram from 2012 January 14-15. The conference aims to establish the contemporary relevance of Islamic Knowledge systems through initiating a process of deliberation and dialogue among scholars from different school of thoughts.
The main objective of the Islamic Academic conference is to analyse intellectual discourses having contemporary relevance on the basis of Islamic thoughts and authentic scriptures. The history of Islamic knowledge tradition clearly shows that Islamic thought and knowledge system throughout the ages have shown their ability to lead society in all walks of life. The scholarship and knowledge of Islam developed in different time and space by showing its peculiarities within the ethical frame work of Islam. This vibrancy and creativity of Islamic knowledge system was a result of its total acceptance of the concept of Unity in all walks of life.